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Teambuilding 101

What it is, why to do it, how to do it, and where to do it

What is teambuilding?

In simplest terms, Teambuilding is viewed as a large scope of exercises or activities presented to groups in order to improve that groups’ (teams’) performance. Teambuilding has many connotations and is perceived differently by different types of groups (i.e., sports teams, school groups, and businesses). There is a distinct difference between teambuilding and team recreation. Teambuilding is comprised of experiential exercises that are build upon one another within an intentional framework to get at a desired result, whereas team recreation is just that: recreational exercises that groups do together. The two are not synonymous and one will accomplish better team results.

So why do it?

Teambuilding can achieve a great number of outcomes depending on the types of exercises (curriculum) selected for an event. Teambuilding can also last from several hours to multiple days. When teambuilding programs are designed with intention, teambuilding will provide lasting outcomes for the group and individuals that participate within such a professionally designed program. Therefore it is important to know why your group is participating in this thing called “Teambuilding.” When planning such a program it is important to examine how your team is functioning (well and deficits) and what it is that your are truly targeting to improve how your team interacts and performs.

How do we do it?

When engaging with a professional experientially-based teambuilding company, you will be able to articulate those specific needs through the initial conversations with that company and the needs assessment process. Organizations like our partners at Nuhop have an arsenal of tools and resources that can help you achieve your team’s goals. These tools or exercises can range from indoor white board sessions based on experiential theory to outdoor ropes courses. Each has value in its own accord, but must be used in the right context and in the right framework to achieve your groups desired results. The Nuhop Team prides itself in listening to our clients and using what we hear to design programs that are based on a progression of exercises that build upon one another in order to create an atmosphere where teams and individuals feel empowered to achieve more.

Where do we do it?

For more than forty years, the four lakeside Ohio State Park Lodges – Deer Creek, Mohican, Punderson Manor, and Salt Fork – have been inviting leisure and business guests alike to get closer to nature and each other in our inspiring settings. Indoor or outdoor teambuilding activities provided by our strategic partners at Nuhop are a natural extension to your next event in the parks, which often take advantage of our unique features including miles of hiking and biking trails, lakes with boating and fishing, indoor and outdoor pools, and much more.

How do we get started?

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