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9 Insider Tips for Memorable and Engaging Meetings in the Parks

When organizing a conference, retreat, or special event, meeting planners often seek facilities that offer efficient and highly functional event spaces with a wide array of indoor and outdoor recreational offerings that allow participants to relax and connect. Our four lakeside lodges fit the bill perfectly, and are particularly popular for organizations seeking affordable, drive-to destinations.

Here are nine insiders tips to consider when planning your next function in the parks:

  • Stay connected. Most people cannot simply walk away from their offices without checking in periodically. The Ohio State Park Lodges make it easy by offering WiFi and business centers so meeting attendees can stay connected to their offices.
  • Stay physical. Especially after intense meetings, bodies need to blow off steam. The lodges offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities to keep the blood flowing.
  • Save money. Something as simple as planning a Sunday through Wednesday meeting vs. one that is Tuesday through Friday can mean big savings. Ask what dates might be available at a better rate if your function timing is flexible.
  • Get everyone involved. During the warm weather, golf is still the most popular sporting activity for business meetings, and there are golf courses at most of the lodges. During cooler weather, there are options such as billiard tournaments, cards or excursions to nearby towns offering museums, sporting events, and shopping.
  • Build a cohesive team. The Ohio State Park Lodges have partnered with team-building experts that specialize in creating both indoor and outdoor experiences. Examples include cooking competitions, high ropes and obstacle courses, and building playhouses for needy children.
  • Pace yourself. The best meetings offer a mix of serious business and serious fun. Our professional planning team can advise on the right pace to achieve high productivity while avoiding burnout and boredom.
  • Add some down time. Over-programming can be a major pitfall. With indoor fireplaces, cozy seating areas, inviting lounges, and outdoor walking areas, attendees can easily find a place for solitary reflection.
  • Go casual. State parks are the place to forgo formal office attire in favor of casual, comfortable, season-appropriate business casual clothing.
  • Request a (meeting) room with a view. All of the lodges offer meeting rooms with terrific views of the state parks that inspire participants to think outside the box – or to get their work done quickly so they can get outside and play.

The Ohio State Park Lodges offer a wide range of meeting space and accommodation options configured for groups of as few as 10 to as many as 400. Start planning today by contacting your Sales Manager, or call us at 877.496.9224 ext. 1, or click the button below to request a custom proposal today.

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