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Ohio State Park teambuilding & group activities

For over five decades, the Ohio State Park Lodges have been “at your service,” providing a place where relaxation is an educational experience. Whether you’re here attending an important corporate meeting or reconnecting with family, each lodge delivers an abundance of group activities that will keep everybody busy. Take a look at some of the opportunities waiting for you and begin planning your meeting or event at one of our Ohio State Park Lodges and Conference Centers.

Championship Golf

Many of our lodge properties feature an onsite championship golf course. This is a great opportunity to take a group of business associates or friends out on the green for an afternoon of great golf. Each course is designed to deliver a challenge for the skilled golfer while still providing an enjoyable experience for the novice.

Ohio State Park Activities

After a long day in the boardroom, your group can enjoy the real reason you decided to bring your meeting here: the natural wonders of Ohio State Parks. Experience the great outdoors with an abundance of activities, including ziplining in Mohican State Park, canoeing on Lake Erie in Maumee Bay State Park or exploring Hosak’s Cave in Salt Fork State Park.


  • Play Series:  –  Based on the Work of Stuart Brown – Let’s Play Together!
    • Playnote: Like a Keynote Address yet with a twist!  Playnote ignites the playful and energetic capacities of the audience by using them as members of the keynote address.  Intentional learning through purposeful play.
    • Playshop: While similar to a traditional workshop session, a Playshop is an educational program that fully engages participants with interactive group play and Intentional Kinesthetic Programming (IKP) to emphasize  central knowledge, skills, or concepts.
    • Playstorm: Why brainstorm when you can Playstorm?  A Playstorming process differs from the traditional table-based sessions as we shift participants to “think-on-their-feet” by integrating thought provoking games and exercises, interactive whiteboarding activities, and an overriding playful energy to spark creativity and innovation.
    • Straight Up PLAY! Dust off the old lawn chairs. Lace up those unused sneakers. Put on an extra layer of sunscreen. Today my friends, we go out and PLAY! We have taken the best traditional, and not so traditional, lawn games and created an event full of playful surprises dedicated to the pursuit, discovery, and mastery of the art of play. A team that plays together, stays together!
  • Tech Series – Technological Adventures, Networking and Communication
    • Mission Possible: A High Tech Teaming Event utilizing I Pods & Smart Phones. A Journey with twists and turns.  An event full of strategy, communication and humor.
    • GPS Adventure: This event involves one or more teams going on a high tech adventure using GPS units to traverse around an Ohio State Park.
    • Ignite: Ignite is a Digital networking event for conventions, meetings and seminars.  Ignite is a great way to engage your conference attendees and provide them with unique and interactive ways to network with their peers
  • Greater Good Series – Teambuilding through helping others:
    • Helping Hands: Helping those who have faced adversity.  Participants build prosthetic hands that are donated to landmine victims in the developing world.
    • Playhouse for Tots: Design & Construct a Backyard Playhouse for children and/or families from a selected charity.  Constructive collaboration and teambuilding with a purpose!
    • Cycle Works: Give back to community through building bikes.  An event full of surprises and an opportunity to enhance communication skills in a process you will be taking about for years to come.
  • Custom Events: Custom designed events with an experiential focus. Let us design a program as unique as your company and team. We can take the best of experiential tools and training pedagogy and create a session just for your group!
  • The Challenge Series
    • Daytona Challenge: Build a racecar from limited materials then it is off to the pits of The State Park Raceway and a race to the finish line.
    • America’s Cup Challenge: Create a functional boat with an array of materials, then race the other teams across one of the beautiful Ohio State Park Lodge Lakes.
    • The Survivor Challenge: Taking the best of the America’s Cup, Daytona and GPS events, teams are formed and then set off on a journey of team dynamics and ultimate performance.
    • On Target: A modern day version of the game Mouse Trap. Your team will work together to build a Rube Goldberg- style machine that performs a simple task. Challenge your team to hit the target.
  • Learning the Ropes: (Mohican only)
    • High Ropes Course – The High Ropes Course Experience takes your team to new heights as they ascend to the top of our forty-foot tall, high ropes course. Each element is carefully designed to encourage participants to take risks towards personal and team growth.
    • Giant Swing –  Fly forty-five feet in the air as you engage in The Giant Swing Experience! This Organization Development challenge course encourages peak performance at the individual and team level.
    • Pamper Pole – The Pamper Pole Experience involves climbing twenty-five feet up in the air and standing on top of a telephone pole that has an 8-inch diameter. The team’s job is to keep the climber safe and on belay as he or she leaps off of the telephone pole towards the ball that is suspended nearby.
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Business: Nuts and Bolts Programs are based on practical, experiential and brain based learning activities. Programs range in topics from Communication and Leadership Skills to Strategic Development with many topics in between.
  • Other Topics Include:
    • Managing Effective Meetings
    • Developing Others Through Coaching
    • Innovation and Breakthrough Thinking
    • Working with a Customer Focus
  • Traditional Teambuilding – Proven Methods:
    • Low Ropes Course/ Initiative Programs – Our courses offer an opportunity for individuals to work together in groups to accomplish common goals and objectives as a team. Through a careful selection of exercises, we will guide participants through a progression of exercises that will help participants develop strengthened relationships and explore personal and group characteristics.
    • Common Topics that can be embedded into our program:
      • Teamwork
      • Problem Solving
      • Communication
      • Trust/ Rapport Building
      • Creativity/ Innovation
      • Cooperation
      • Building Relationships
      • Decision Making
      • Leadership Skills

At the Ohio State Park Lodges, we have countless recreational activities that will keep everybody in your group entertained and busy. Depending on your group size, interests, and budget, you’ll find a selection of innovative team-building activities that will help meet your specific goals.


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